You know how you want your hair to look and feel…you just need the right products to help you to achieve your goal. TréLuxe products are specifically formulated to nourish, define and style natural curls, offering solutions to the various hair care problems that women with naturally textured hair face at home, work, and play. TréLuxe products are designed with the woman on-the-go in mind. We focus on providing effortless manageability, giving you confidence in every curl!

What’s in TréLuxe Products?

Natural Ingredients: Most traditional hair care products rely heavily upon synthetic ingredients that temporarily help accomplish desired looks, but leave curls lifeless and limp over time. There is a better way. Our products are naturally based and promote healthy hair while providing the look and manageability that you desire. TréLuxe products include high quality natural ingredients that were carefully selected for their ability to help bring out the best in naturally curly hair.

Active Botanicals™ Ingredients:Natural ingredients are great, but they’re only helpful to your hair if they can help provide the performance that you want. TréLuxe uses special Active Botanicals™ ingredients, to pick up where nature left off. The process begins by seeking out high quality natural sources, then, expert chemists isolate and extract the nutrients that are most beneficial to hair. The result- Active Botanicals™ ingredients- are then blended into our products to provide superior benefits to naturally textured hair.