Salux - Japanese Exfoliating Beauty Skin Cloth

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The Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

This Sponge is made in Japan. Use for a Stimulating, invigorating scrub. Excellent for Massage - Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub/Sponge/Cloth.

Smoothens your skin, Scrubs away dead skin cells, Helps reduce clogged pores, in grown hairs and bumps. 

  • Color choices: 6 Colors to choose from 
  • Made in Japan Manufactured by: Salux Co, LTD
  • Material: 60% Nylon 40% Polyester
  • Size: 11" X 35" (28cm X 90cm)


  • Keep your body wet
  • Soap the Salux cloth
  • Use on your body / rinse thoroughly