Zuresh - Smoothing Detangler & Natural Curl Definer

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Great Detangler with Smoothing effects due to the fabulous, fast absorbing oils in its makeup. Great for Natural/Curly hair just after washing, and daily to define each and every natural curl. INSTEAD OF WETTING DAILY THIS IS OUR WETTING AGENT.

For all hair types - Great on Children. Helps you to remove tangles and knots...its smooths anything in its way!! Bonds to hair Follicles and Cuticles and moisturizes scalp!

Apply when wet to detangle and define. Also just apply when dry to moisturize and define curls! On those days you can't wash add a bit of our Detangler massage through and style. 

Created with:
Tahitian Tumu Ha'ari (Coconut palm) and Tiare Gardenia Flower oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Rosehip, Hemp Seed, Meadowfoam, Carrot Seed, Vitamin E oils, Silk Protein Powder/Mesh (Silk Protein Powder is absorbed into the hair or skin and improves moisture balance, suppleness, shine and elasticity. It imparts a silky, smooth feel.) Peptides and Amino Acids, Zinc Oxide, Guar Gum Natural Plant thickener, and Zuresh's Custom Essentials Blend.

Lite scent that smells great! Wonderful for all hair types. Comb through with a wide tooth comb or USE YOUR FINGERS. NO MORE WETTING MY HAIR WITH WATER! This defines your natural curl pattern - Trust me on this one!

All Smoothing Detangler now has Pro Vitamin B5 - great for split ends and Natural non Greasy Hair Sheen. 

The additional Carrot Seed Oil repairs, strengthens and moisturizes damaged hair. It also promotes the development of new hair and skin cells. Excellent for fine, medium & thicker hair textures: relaxed, pressed, curly perms, relaxers and color-treated hair. Great setting lotion for Relaxed hair! APPLY TO ROOTS AND SCALP THEN DISTRIBUTE THROUGHOUT TO ENDS. LET DRY AND STYLE!!!