Yadain - Shine & Glow


Yadain - Shine & Glow
  • $12.50

3-day old hair cannot only look bad but sometimes not smell so good. Shine & Glow Hair Freshener & Conditioner not only de-tangles and conditions but freshens the hair too. Enhanced with coconut and jojoba oils, this spray leave-in conditioner will have your hair looking good and smelling great. 

    • Enhanced with Coconut & Jojoba
    • Activate Curls
    • Soften Stubborn Hair
  •  Usage & Purpose: Spray an adequate amount of freshener to hair & scalp until completely saturated or desired amount is satisfying. Shuffle hair with hand until desired texture is accomplished.   Repeat daily or as needed.
  • Ingredients: jojoba oil, coconut oil,tea tree oil,blackseed oil,kale juice,lemon juice,antioxidants,vitamin C,E,F, mint oil, sage leaf,aloe gel,goats milk,rose water,coconut water, almond oil

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