Yadain - Green Drink Hair Mask


Yadain - Green Drink Hair Mask
  • $12.50

Permanently get rid of that annoying flaky scalp that's stopping your hair from thriving to its fullest potential. Green Drink Vitality Recovery Hair Mask and Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment host an amazing herb, burdock root, that is effective not only in combating hair loss, but also in treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Alongside many other all-natural ingredients, Green Drink Hair Mask will have your hair thirsty for more

  • Product Highlights:

    • Growth-Plus Technology
    • Regain Hair Life
    • Super Soft Hair Results
    • Revitalize Lifeless Hair & Follicle
  • Ingredients:

    aloe leaf,green banana,casava leaf,avocado butter,mango puree,ginger,flaxseed gel,aloe gel,burdock root,horse tail, and nettle

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