SheaTerra Organics - Shea GHANA Gold Shea Butter

SheaTerra Organics

SheaTerra Organics - Shea GHANA Gold Shea Butter
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100% Pure & Natural. The Gold Standard in shea butter. Unrefined, virgin pressed shea butter- high in healing vitamins A & E. Highly emollient, non-greasy Shea butter repairs aging skin, decreases chapped, flaky skindecreases scarring, and even stimulates growth of hair.


100% pure, Gold Standard shea butter

How to Use: 

Apply to skin daily. Massage in. Butter is very thick and concentrated. If desired butter can be lightly heated by putting jar in a bowl of warm water before applying.

Hair: Massage into scalp to condition hair and stimulate growth.

Healing: Apply to wounds, burns, scars, stretch marks, once to several times a day as needed

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