SheaTerra Organics - Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (CLEMENTINE)

SheaTerra Organics

SheaTerra Organics - Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (CLEMENTINE)
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100% NATURAL. Made with the AMAZING one and only Moroccan Mud, our Mud-Poo will wipe out dirt while keeping your brain cells intact.

Moroccan Mud-Poo is made with 100% pure aloe vera juice and Kalahari mineral salts to soften, cleanse and improve hair texture. With the exception of a little natural fragrance, there are absolutely NO other ingredients in this wash. And the Mud-Poo is so effective at cleaning hair that you can skip a day or two of Mud-Pooing (you can still wash with water if the thought grosses you out). Mud-Poo is completely non-toxic. It is safe for the whole family and when it goes down your drain it gets recycled without poisoning the water supply. It's super easy to use.


Certified organic aloe vera juice, Moroccan mud, Kalahari mineral salts, clementine essential oil

How to Use:

Apply enough mud to cover entire wet hair. Massage the mud in for a minute or two. Rinse out thoroughly. Towel dry. If desired, massage a few drops into the scalp and ends of hair.

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