SheaTerra Organics - Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask

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Super Natural. Deep condition and repair hair with Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask. Black castor from the Nile silt produces a superior black seed oil which stimulates hair with sulfur. The emollient, rich oil softens and protects hair decreasing breakage. Carrot seed oil feeds hair pro-vitamin A which encourages hair growth. Scroll down to read more. 

Feed your roots and watch hair sprout. That's right. With proper nutrition hair can be healthier, stronger and longer. 

Legend has it that black castor oil was first produced in ancient Egypt. By roasting seeds of the castor plant that grew along the Nile, a thick, viscous oil could be produced. It was discovered that applying this blackened oil to the scalp improved the growth of hair, and in some cases, actually helped hair to grow back. This tradition found its way to the islands of the enslaved peoples who have since made this hair treatment popular. Black castor oil is still cold pressed in Egypt as it has been for thousands of years. The blackening of the beans creates sulfur in the oil which is like steroids for hair roots. 

Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask combines the protective, nutritious oil of the castor plant with nourishing Egyptian carrot seed oil. Cold pressed carrot seed oil differs greatly from carrot seed essential oil. Egyptian carrot seed oil is rich in pro-vitamin A making this vitamin available for use by the hair root. Combined with East African shea butter, the three provide a nutrient rich, protective coat for the hair. Amla fruit is added to Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask for its hair strengthening properties and ability to decrease hair fall. Rosemary essential oil is added for its history as a root stimulant and hair clarifier. Applying Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask to hair one to two times a week softens and conditions hair resulting in less breakage. 
Contains only: Pure spring water, USDA Certified Organic Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter, cold pressed black castor oil, natural emulsifying wax, cold pressed carrot seed oil, amla fruit powder, South African rosemary essential oil, glucono lactone, sodium benzoate
Direction:  Apply Hair Food Mask to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair. Allow to sit at least 30 minutes. Shampoo out. Repeat 1-2 times a week.