Sheabutter Cottage/Cioccolatina - Green & Fresh Pomade

Sheabutter Cottage

Sheabutter Cottage/Cioccolatina - Green & Fresh Pomade
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Most pomades contain petroleum jelly and mineral oil. They may also contain perfume and coloring agents - not this pomade which has a blend of vegetable oils and essential oils. Green & Fresh Pomade is a rich nourishing and moisturizing vegan-friendly blend with cactus, broccoli, laurel and castor oil. Nice and soft with no waxy feeling. Ideal for afro hair, especially dry/damaged. Conditions and adds great shine to locs and braids. Can also be used on the scalp to help promote healthy hair. 

Please note that due to the ingredients used/manufacturing process, your balm may appear to have crystals on the surface upon opening. This is normal - does not affect the quality and will melt on contact.

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