Sheabutter Cottage UK 100% Henna Powder

Sheabutter Cottage

Sheabutter Cottage UK 100% Henna Powder
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100% PURE HENNA POWDER - (Lawsonia Inermis)

Henna leaves/plant is traditionally used as body art, a natural hair dye and to help strengthen the hair resulting in luxurious hair. It can also be used to condition the hair.

The intensity of the colour depends on how long the mixture is left to dry during application. Henna is not a permanent hair dye. This Henna is:

* body art quality [BAQ] * pure  * unbleached * sifted  * contains no additives


  • Mix with warm liquid
  • To release the dye, you need to add acidic liquid [lemon, vinegar]
  • Brewed coffee or tea will help achieve dark brown
  • For gray strands, Amla is recommended to be added into your Henna mix
  • Hibiscus Tea can be added to the mix to boost shine


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