Keravada HydroMax Hydrating Conditioner


Keravada HydroMax Hydrating Conditioner
  • $19.99

Low-Lather Cleansing Cream for Moisture Infused Curls. Removes impurities without stripping hair. Smooths texture of dry, damaged hair. Locks hydration into textured hair types. KeraVada HydroMax CoWash naturally cleanses the hair using a special formula of herbal ingredients. Your hair will be clean & infused with moisture!
Ph Balanced to Moisturize & Curl Highly Textured Hair Types, Helps with Detangling, Curl Enhancing

How to  Use: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply KeraVada HydroMax CoWash in sections. Gently rake through sectioned hair to evenly distribute. Massage scalp with fingertips to cleanse off residue. Rinse well.

Featuring *Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Nut Olein, Coconut Oil, *Shikakai, *Amla, *Brahmi, *Bhringraj, Vegetable Glycerin, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, *Marshmallow Root, Clove Oil, and other all natural ingredients

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