House Blend Organics Sister Stu's Sweet-Talk Organic Orange Lip Balm

House Blend Organics

House Blend Organics Sister Stu's Sweet-Talk Organic Orange Lip Balm
  • $4.95

Organic Orange Lip Balm

Don't get us started on Sister Stu's sweet-talking skills. Maybe it's the organic sweet orange oil, or maybe it's just her quick wit and well-moisturized smile that have us going. Because this fresh squeezed, orange lip balm is better than anyone has ever imagined. It only applies smoothly, always feels great, and smells just like pure Florida oranges. The best part of this orange balm is knowing that all the fixin’s are derived from mother nature and safe for even the littlest of babes. See today what this perfectly pocket-sized tube of smooth can do for you gabber.

Sister Stu not able to convince you that this organic orange lip balm is the item you've been dreaming of? That's alright, check out our organic Fresh Mint Lip Balm.

Beautiful People: Did you know...
Every House Blend Organics product is made with all natural, 100% certified organic ingredients. Since the day we opened our doors, we decided to use nothing but the best in nature. GMO’s, synthesizers, and any other chemically-induced additives aren’t necessary in skin care products and we think they do more harm than good. We hope you join us in taking a stand to support organic products for families everywhere!


Organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic sweet orange flavor oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, non-GMO vitamin e oil


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