Etae Natural Product - Carmelux Hair Gloss

ETAE Natural Products

Etae Natural Product - Carmelux Hair Gloss
  • $14.99

Carmelux Light Weight Hair Gloss - 4oz

• Heat Protectant

• Prevents Dryness

• Moisturizes Hair and Scalp

• Smoothes Hair

• Adds Natural Moisture

• Adds Natural Shine

• Softens Hair

• Great for curling, flat ironing, wash and go's, locs, twist outs, braid sets, buns, and all kid style


• For wash blow dry and curl/flat ironing, add a drop smaller than a pea AFTER blow drying, just BEFORE curling/flatironing.

• For braid set & twist set add a drop to each piece of damp hair before setting.

• For kids wash, blow dry and add a drop to damp hair, then blow dry and curl

• For kid protective styles apply as needed and desired.

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