Darcy's Botanicals - Pure Kalahari Melon Seed Nectar

Darcy's Botanicals

Darcy's Botanicals - Pure Kalahari Melon Seed Nectar
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Pure Kalahari Melon Seed (Watermelon Seed) Oil is sourced from Africa. Watermelon Seed Oil is also know as Kalahari Melon, and Ootanga Oil in Africa.

It is highly moisturizing and non-greasy and can be used as a hair and body oil. It is also a very light and naturally absorbent oil. We scent ours with just a touch of fragrance to give you a wonderfully fresh watermelon aroma:)

The seeds are cold-pressed to retrieve this light yellow oil that is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids that help to renew the skin's elasticity. Wonderful for mature, acne-prone, oily, and dry skin.


100% Pure African Kalahari (Watermelon Seed) Oil and a touch of fragrance.

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