Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar - Coconut Milk

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A natural shampoo bar enriched with deep conditioning, moisturizing organic coconut milk. Women in India often use coconut milk to prevent hair loss.

  • Organic wweet almond oil helps condition, nourish, and soften hair
  • Organic coconut milk soothes dry scalps and has anti-frizz properties that help with manageablilty
  • Organic avocado oil helps restore luster and hydrate dry and damaged ends
  • A great natural shampoo for all hair types

A sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free natural shampoo 

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil; Organic Sunflower Oil; Organic Sweet Almond Oil; Organic Avocado Oil; Organic Coconut Milk; Water; Organic Castor Oil; Sodium Hydroxide*; Organic Sustainable Palm Oil; Organic Canola Oil; Organic Rosemary Oil Extract