Brown Butter Beauty Hibiscus Nectar Shampoo

Brown Butter Beauty

Brown Butter Beauty Hibiscus Nectar Shampoo
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Hibiscus sabdariffa is a member of the family Malvaceae and is believed to have originated in West Africa. The Hibiscus sabdariffa variety is grown mainly on the sand dunes of Western Sudan. In India, hibiscus infusions are traditionally used as rinsing agents to improve hair sheen. In Ayurvedic medicine, hibiscus petals was used to stimulate thicker hair growth and to prevent premature graying, hair loss and scalp disorders.

This is a Low-Suds Shampoo and won't strip your hair and scalp of its natural and necessary oils. Your hair will feel clean with great luster and shine.

How to Use:

This shampoo can be used on all hair types ( straight, curly, locs etc..) Sweet Passion Friut & Pineapple scent


Citrus Oils and Hibiscus.

Allergy advice: Contains Citrus Oils. 

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