Botanical Bliss Herbal Stimulating Pre-poo Oil Treatment

Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss Herbal Stimulating Pre-poo Oil Treatment
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What is Pre-Pooing?

Prepooing is the act of conditioning your hair 20-30 minutes prior to shampooing . There are several reasons people do this. Curly hair can be corse and brittle. Prepooing delivers a blast of moisture to your scalp and hair. It also protects your hair from being stripped of its natural oils, when you do shampoo. And, it untangles your curly hair.  

What it does:

Peppermint is to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy strong growing hair form root to ends.

  • Peppermint Oil circulates & balances the scalp’s pH
  • Combats Dry Scalp and Dandruff

 What else you need to know: 
The essential oils will impart a lovely tingling sensation to your scalp and the other oils in it will make your curls amazingly soft. Works with natural and relaxed hair.


Get hands wet with oil and massage into your scalp. Make sure to rub oil root to tip! Place a plastic cap on head for 20-30 minutes, longer for extra dry hair. Then shampoo hair as us

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