Bobeam Lemon Drop Clarifying Shampoo Bar

Bobeam Natural

Bobeam Lemon Drop Clarifying Shampoo Bar
  • $5.00

The Lemon Drop Oily Hair Shampoo Bar is part of the Bobeam Remedy Line.Clarifies Oily Hair & Locs and Removes Product Build Up

This 3.85 oz shampoo bar has several uses.

* It can be used for those with oily hair.

* It can be used as a clarifier to get rid of product build-up. 

* It can also be used for teen and mature locs.

The Lemon Drop is made with an aloe base and is packed with essential oils geared toward soothing oily hair and scalp - lemongrass, lavender, cedarwood, and aloe.


saponified vegetable oils mainly olive, glycerine kosher or of vegetable origin, purified water, sorbitol moisturizer from berries, sorbitan oleate an emulsifier, soybean protein a conditoner

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