Our moisturizing gel is formulated with water to provide maximum hydration to your hair.
The gel is obtained by the presence of flaxseed and marshmallow root.

In addition, our gel contains a high portion of Intense Hydrating Complex that prevents the evaporation of water on your hair and prolong its moisture throughout the day.

Our gel does not leave deposits on the hair.

Its effects:
- Moisturizes hair
- Defines curls
- Control frizz

Format: 250ml

Instructions: Apply a few dabs on wet or dry hair depending on the effect you want.

Ingredients: Infusions of organic flaxseeds and organics marshmallow roots , distilled water, Intense Hydration Complex, Inulin, natural and organic aromatic essences, Geoguard, Carrageenan extract, Potassium sorbate.