Anita Grant Vitamin Enriched OMEGA Hair & Scalp Booster

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Suitable for all hair types.
Light weight omega boosting hair and scalp serum. Our highly regenerative serum helps revive dry, brittle hair at the follicle. A genuine treasure trove of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and deeply penetrating essential oils that stimulates growth, and repairs dry, damaged natural hair.

A highly concentrated, daily leave-in hair and scalp serum that works to hydrate, balance and restore brittle, damaged curls back to health.

Why it’s so effective:
• Natural vitamin A, referred to as tretinoin or all-trans retinoic acid 
• Excellent source of omega 3 to nourish lifeless hair. 
• Rich in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients to actively stimulates new hair growth.

Apply 3–5 drops directly onto scalp, massage and distribute evenly from roots to ends.
Or apply a small amount to your favourite daily leave-in or conditioner to add an extra boost of nutrients.

One of the best things about using our Vitamin Enriched Omega Hair & Scalp Booster as a nutrient enriched, natural hair treatment is that it's incredibly versatile. 

Hair & Scalp: 
• apply liberally to your hair and use it as a pre-wash treatment 
• massage it into freshly washed hair before styling. 
• add to the finger tips to revive blood circulation and invigorate the scalp 
• warm up a couple of pumps of oil between your fingers and run them through slightly damp hair, from mid-length to the tips. Detangling and nourishing as you go.
• add a couple of drops to freshly washed, damp hair. Wrap hair for 10-15 mins, to allow the oil to penetrate from the roots to the follicles, remove wrap and style or lightly blow-dry.
• blend a few drops of oil into your conditioner or hair mask to infuse it with the nourishment of vitamin A, omega 3 and phytonutrients.

Golden Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis), Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Sclarea), Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga Odorata), Camellia Kissi (Camellia Kissi), Cacay Nut Oil (Caryodendron Orinocense), and Vitamin E (d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma & d-delta tocopherols (1000iu)).
Naturally occurring constituents of ylang ylang and clary sage essential oils: linalol, linalyl acetate, limonene, pinene, nerolidol, geraniol, nerol.
100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin