Anita Grant Petroleum Free Jelly - Aloe Vera

Anita Grant

Anita Grant Petroleum Free Jelly - Aloe Vera
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100% Natural Plant Ingredients - Sustainably Sourced. Especially effective in healing dry skin, protecting minor cuts, sealing in moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Use it every day for all your skin care needs.

Petroleum Free Aloe Vera Jelly ingredients: *Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis), Carnauba Wax (Copernicia Cerifera), Camellia Kissi (Camellia Kissi), Aloe Vera Oil (Non-GMO Soya (Glycine Soja) (and) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract), Vitamin E (d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma & d-delta tocopherols (1000iu)) and Love!
* ingredients issued from organic farming
60% of the total ingredients are from organic farming 
100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin


• Heals dry skin.
• Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
• Protects skin from wind burn and chapping.
• Gentle enough to use on babies

Anita Grant's Petroleum Free Monoi Jelly contains no colors, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances or irritants.  It is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. 

Application Tips:

• Locks in moisture to heal dryness whilst allowing skin to breathe.
• Less sticky, greasy and tacky than petroleum.
• Hide Split Ends, if you haven’t had a trim for a while apply a small amount on the ends of damp naturally curly hair then style as usual. 
• Soften dry cuticles. Use to soothe and soothe skin after shaving. 
• Eases eyebrow plucking - apply on the area of the skin where you are about to pluck so you can pluck with ease.
• Use it to remove long-lasting lipsticks pigment from your lips.
• Prevents hair dye from slipping onto your forehead, ears and neck areas. Dab all over your hairline, from front to back.

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