Anita Grant - Organic Hibiscus Flower 50g (5x10g Teabags)

Anita Grant

Anita Grant - Organic Hibiscus Flower 50g (5x10g Teabags)
  • Anita Grant - Organic Hibiscus Flower 50g (5x10g Teabags)
  • Anita Grant - Organic Hibiscus Flower 50g (5x10g Teabags)
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What is it?
Hibiscus is from the Malva (Malvaceae) family, it has a cooling effect which helps maintain natural hair colour and vitality. In India, Jaba or Jabakusum (aka: Hibiscus), is purported to assist with healthy hair growth whilst gently clarifying the build up of an oily scalp.

What's in it?

Hibiscus is rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and amino acids that provides a tightening effect to the skin without stripping the natural (sebum) oils. 


Many Ayurvedic hair oil formulations contain hibiscus. The crushed dried flowers are used as a hair dye. Each Hibiscus flower yields a natural dark purplish dye which may be used to colour premature grey hairs. 

Hibiscus contains an abundant amount of astringent properties and is ideal for oily skin and hair. The mucliage (slippery plant protein) of Hibiscus is also helpful when used in a water based spritz to treat weeping eczema and soothe dry skin and scalp conditions.

Hibiscus infusions are great as a final herbal rinse, provide excellent slip and detangles naturally curly hair instantly.

Be sure to use your infusion within 2 days and store in a dark, cool, dry place.


Organic Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)**


Hibiscus Hair Tonic
Great for covering greys, providing a rich deep dark colour to your hair.
Suitable for those with dark red, brown and/or black hair.

Key Benefits: 

1. To strengthen the hair from the papila root to tip 
2. To cover premature greys
3. To immediately seal the hair cuticles, stop hair breakage and repair split ends

Preparation time required:

10 to 15 minutes 

* Over low heat, warm 450-500 ml of water

* Add teabag of Organic Hibiscus flowers
* Simmer, making sure NOT to let the mixture boil or evaporate - too much heat will destroy the nutrients in the hibiscus herb. 
* Remove from heat
* The water would have turned a dark purply-pink. 
* Cool and store in a clean dry jar overnight
* In the morning, wash your hair with our Babassu Shampoo Bar, rinse, and then instead of using your regular commercial conditioner use the Hibiscus infusion to condition your hair and scalp. 

Do not rinse out.

* Cover hair with a towel or cling film (saran wrap).

* Leave the infusion on your hair for at least 45 minutes to an hour.
* Rinse until all of the colour is gone. 
Your hair and scalp will look and feel soft and moisturized.
..and your greys will be naturally dyed and nourished.. 


Hibiscus *does* stain clothes.
If you are using this tonic to cover grey hair then in order for the natural pigment of the Hibiscus to remain in your cuticle you will need to use this tonic at least once a week to maintain the colour. Hibiscus flowers contain a number of vegetable acids and pigments including a non-irritating form of pyruvic acid.




Disclaimer: The data provided above is for informational purposes only & should in no way be construed as medical advice. It is intended to educate the consumer on the benefits of each specific plant derived ingredient and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness.

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