Anita Grant Organic Clary Sage Floral Tonic

Anita Grant

Anita Grant Organic Clary Sage Floral Tonic
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Our Clary Sage Floral Tonic Mist has been steam distilled from the leaves and flowers. It has natural calming, medicinal properties that help to soothe various skin concerns. Due to its antimicrobial properties, Clary Sage may be applied to treat wounds and minor skin infections.

Purported beneficial properties:
◆ deodorant
◆ seborrhoea regulator (controls the excessive discharge of sebum (natural oils) from the skin's sebaceous glands)
◆ antidepressant
◆ astringent (tighten, firm and tone skin whilst reducing excess oils. Minimises large pores and lifts sagging skin)
◆ antiseptic
◆ bactericidal (prevents bacteria from reproducing)
◆ cicatrisant (cell regenerative, stimulates new cell growth, and wound healing when used daily) 
◆ calming
◆ tonic
◆ Organic Clary Sage Floral Water is purported to also stimulate hair growth.

Multipurpose Applications:
◆ Makeup Remover 
◆ Effective Facial Toner
◆ Body Spray/Splash
◆ Clay Facials and Hair Masks
◆ Hair and Facial Steams
◆ Warm and Cold Compresses
◆ Wet Wipes

Easy to apply simply spray where required. Or spray all over your body after your bath/shower, if you prefer, for a glow-boosting, healthier-looking you!  

*Salvia Sclarea (Organic Clary Sage) Distillate. 

Natural constituents: Linalyl acetate, Linalol, Pinene

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