Anita Grant Kaolin Powder Clay 100g

Anita Grant

Anita Grant Kaolin Powder Clay 100g
  • Anita Grant Kaolin Powder Clay 100g
  • Anita Grant Kaolin Powder Clay 100g
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Kaolin Powder Clay
Size: 100 grams
Latin Name: Kaolin
Origin: USA 
100% naturally occurring quarry mined and untreated
For use on hair and skin.
Suitable for all skin and hair types.

Other synonyms and trade names for kaolin include Altowhites, Argilla, Bentone, Bolbus alba, China clay, CI 77004 (in mineral makeup), Emathlite, Fitrol, Fitrol desiccite 25, Glomax, Hydrite, Kaopaous, Kaophills-2, Kolite, Lang-ford, McNamee, Parclay, Pigment white 19, Porcelain clay, Snow tex, terra alba, and white bole.

Kaolin is a white, soft powder consisting principally of the hydrated alu-minosilicate clay mineral kaolinite (at approximately 97%) and has a pH of 6.0; perfect for use in cosmetics.

Other constituents include:

Silicon Oxide- 46%
Aluminum Oxide- 37%
Iron Oxide- 0.79%
Titanium Oxide- 0.37%

This pure, off-white, very mild, natural clay is extremely versatile, absorbent, and essential in personal care products. Kaolin is a valueable ingredient in the beauty industry and used in products such as deodorants, face and hair masks, soaps, body scrubs, mineral makeup concealers, eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks and blushers. It's also found in ceramics, toothpaste, light bulbs, paint, adhesives, organic farming, as a whitewash in stone masonry and poultices.

“Kaolinite adsorbs small molecular substances such as lecithin, quinoline, paraquat, and diquat, but also proteins, polyacrylonitrile, bacteria, and viruses”

Source: IPCS INCHEM Chemical Safety Information from Intergovernmental Organizations


- Stimulates circulation, which contributes to reducing inflammation.
- Exfoliates and cleanses skin 
- Does *not* draw oils from the skin, making it perfect for dry skin, dry hair & scalp.
- Increases strength and elasticity of tissue cells and hair fibre.
- Reduces the ageing process of natural hair.
- Contains essential nutrients and phyto-nutrients, both of which are purported to be therapeutically beneficial.
- Suitable for those who suffer from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, sun damage as well as those who are recovering from cosmetic surgery.
- Excellent for regulating the oil and moisture balance in skin, promoting a smoother, healthier complexion, whilst absorbing excess sebum.
- Aids in accelerating the healing process whilst reducing irritation.


Great for those suffering with oily skin conditions.

Organic Rose Water blends well with Kaolin to provide the perfect pH balanced of moisture to your skin.
Copaiba essential oil has skin firming properties and Lavender essential oil regenerates the skin. However, the combination of ingredients work together in synergy, to reduce the over production of sebum (oil) leaving you with a healthy glow.
Helping to keep that oily shine at bay.


1. Place 30 grams of Kaolin in a pyrex jug.
2. Slowly stir 30 ml of liquid into the Kaolin and make a thick paste, add more liquid if required. 
3. Add the honey and 1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil and continue to stir until you have a nice thick paste.
4. Apply to your hair starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends.
5. Cover with cling film (saran wrap) and leave on your hair for 30 - 45 mins.
6. Rinse with warm water and apply a light nourishing oil if needed. We recommend Organic Sapote Seed oil. 



Disclaimer: The data provided above is for informational purposes only & should in no way be construed as medical advice. It is intended to educate the consumer on the benefits of each specific plant derived ingredient and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness.

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