Afroveda Flaxseed Styling Gel - Honey & Hibiscus


Afroveda Flaxseed Styling Gel - Honey & Hibiscus
  • $23.50

We love a good wash and go style and this flaxseed gel gives us exactly what we need - perfectly defined curls without the fuss!  Made with organic flaxseeds  and ancient herbs used in Ayurveda for hair growth and health, this power gel helps to prevent hair loss while encouraging new hair growth.  Frizz?  Forget about it!  Add shine and moisture without any sticky feel and you've hit the jackpot.  Our lavender and rose essential oil blend makes this gel heavenly to the senses! 

HONEY:  Honey is a beloved humectant that helps the hair retain moisture.

HIBISCUS:  Hibiscus is known for rehydrating the fibers of the hair and regenerating hair's structure.  It increases moisture in dry hair while improving elasticity.  Hibiscus also helps give your hair a silky, shiny look!

FLAXSEED:   We use a combination of both golden and brown flaxseeds to give your curls the best hold, but without the crunch or stiffness!  Both nourishing and beautifying!

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