Afroveda Flaxseed Styling Gel - Honey & Avocado


Afroveda Flaxseed Styling Gel - Honey & Avocado
  • $23.50

Flaxseeds and avocados are both known for promoting hair growth and moistur.  And when you combine them together with some of the most potent Ayurvedic hair growth herbs available, you are destined for greatness!  Why not maintain healthy curls while you're sporting a perfectly defined wash and go?  We think you CAN have it all!  The crushed orange zest in this amazing gel gives the most incredible fragrance to your curls!  Our customers and their housemates LOVE it! 

HONEY:  Honey is a beloved humectant that helps the hair retain moisture.

AVOCADO:  The healthy fats in avocado helps it penetrate the hair strands more than any other oil.  It strengthens and fortifies hair, taking it from brittle, to soft and shiny!

FLAXSEED:   We use a combination of both golden and brown flaxseeds to give your curls the best hold, but without the crunch or stiffness!  Both nourishing and beautifying!

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