Jakeala - Coconut Juice Hair Leave in Spray Conditioner


Jakeala - Coconut Juice Hair Leave in Spray Conditioner
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Coconut milk juicy moisturizing leave in Spray to hydrate your hair , locs and curls. Great for kinky, dry and ethnic hair types. Infused with herbs such as rosemary, nettle for a healthy scalp; Aloe Vera is a wonderful humectant; And Marshmallow root aids in detangling. Paraben and mineral oil free. Okay to use for kids.  

Purified Water
Conditioning Emulsifier
Coconut milk
Aloe Vera
Silk Amino acids
DL Panthenol
vegetable glycerin
Rosemary & Nettle
Marshmallow Root
Optiphen - Paraben Free Preservative


Shake and spray on hair. Seal with light oil, pomade, amla Shea parfait or our nappy hair butter. It can also be used as a pre poo(apply and leave on for a few minutes before washing).

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