House Blend Organics

House Blend was born when one mama had to find a way to soothe her poor baby's eczema. Luckily our wonderful mama found a perfect blend of organic essentials worked better than any prescription, chemical ridden creams. Her little sweetheart shouldn’t have to suffer and neither should yours!

Safe Products That Give Everyone Piece of Mind - 

We believe our organic skin care products are the safest a mother can own. Whether you’re using the organic eucalyptus chest rub to help the kiddos fight colds or you’re scrubbing them clean with one of our organic body washes, rest easy knowing your doing good by the ones you love. Don’t forget: Every bottle is filled with more love than the last.

100% Natural, Organic Skin Care Ingredients

From Beeswax to Plantain Leaves, Rosemary to Jojoba Oil, our all-natural ingredients have been handpicked and handed down by loving parents like you. House Blend Organic products can soothe pesky scrapes, tame skin irritations and moisturize dry skin without the use of chemicals or damaging additives. We hope you join us in making organic the standard!

Our Pledge To Moms Everywhere...

Every House Blend Organics product is made with all natural, ingredients from certified organic suppliers. Since the day we opened our doors, we decided to use nothing but the best in nature. GMO’s, synthesizers, and any other chemically-induced additives aren’t necessary in skin care products and we think they do more harm than good. We hope you join us in taking a stand to support organic products for families everywhere!

House Blend Organics Company/Products are owned and manufactured by Hattaché 

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