Curly Coily Tresses - Nourish Treatment

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For fragrance sensitivities + sensitive skin + chemical sensitivities

CurlyCoilyTresses®️ specializes in sensitive skin natural hair care with clean, organic, nonirritating, fragrance free and moisturizing products to unleash your luscious and defined curls!

We've solved the dry hair dilemmas! We know how to get lasting moisture even days after wash day!

You don't need to waste any more money on products that over promise and under deliver!

You've found your holy grail products! Your destination for natural hair care! Your tribe!

Nourish is ideal for:
+ high porosity
+ coarse, 4C and damaged textures
+ deep conditioning pre or post-shampoo or pre or post-protective styling!

Oprah Magazine named Nourish top 19 in 4C hair care!

Curl types: all (yes, seriously!), especially 4C and damaged

Hair textures: all (yes, seriously!), especially coarse and high porosity

Consistency: thick cream

Color: beige

Styling frequency: once every 4-7 days

Styling options: rinse out after treatment