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Anita Grant  LTD is a UK based company with signature products, the Rhassoul Deep Condishes and Babassu Shampoos, which are specifically created to do wonders for dry naturally curly hair and have a worldwide cult following. What began in Anita's kitchen is now a phenomenon with label-savvy customers from Australia to Lithuania. Providing hair and skin care that is:

  • Simply packaged using 100% recyclable and biodegradable material
  • Made with quality natural ingredients, not tested on animals, free from any chemical or harmful and unnecessary synthetic ingredients .
  • Freshly handmade to order
  • A family-run business which prides itself on great customer service

Today she is expanding her product line to include an eclectic collection of personal care staples created to solve universal curly hair and skin care dilemmas, in bottles and jars of follicle goodness!. "I make it my business to know about every single ingredient that we put into our products. If it’s an ingredient I won’t put in my body, it’s one I won’t put on my body.” Anita Grant